How to Change a flat tyre

If you are looking for a good mechanic in Tamworth, then why not call us at Zeds Auto – Mobile mechanic because we provide mobile car servicing in Tamworth for an affordable price, and we come to your home or your business, saving you both time and money.

When you have a flat tyre in-between your car servicing in Tamworth, it’s always good to know how to change the tyre and not have to rely on roadside assistance. After all, if you are in the middle of nowhere and you want to get back on the road fast, you don’t want to hang around waiting for the RACQ or the NRMA for example, to come to your aid.

How do you know you have a flat tyre? Apart from the thumping noise of a flat tyre, you will instantly feel that the steering is pulling to one side or the other, depending on the location of the flat tyre. As any good mechanic in Tamworth will tell you, you need to pull over and park in a safe place so that you can change your tyre.

Some of the newer model vehicles don’t actually come with a real spare tyre, instead they come with a ‘space saver’ that will take you as far as the nearest tyre shop and shouldn’t be used long term. If you are not sure which type of tyre you have with your car, we can take a look during your mobile car servicing in Tamworth.

So if you want to learn how to change your tyre, here are five steps that are really easy to follow.

  1. Park in a safe spot away from traffic, put on your hazard lights and the brake and put a chock behind the diagonally opposite tyre for additional safety. Before starting ensure your spare tyre is present and in a serviceable condition.
  2. Remove the hub cap if required and loosen wheel nuts (don’t remove them yet); WD40 is great if they are stuck.
  3. Jack up the car by placing the jack in the correct location under the car which is reinforced to take the weight of the car. This is very important and you need to know the exact spot, otherwise the car may fall off the jack. You will find this information in your vehicle’s owners manual and we can show you the right spot during your car servicing in Tamworth.
  4. Raise the car until the tyre is approx 6cm off the ground, remove the loosened wheel nuts, followed by the tyre.
  5. Install everything in reverse order– replace the tyre, tighten the wheel nuts, replace hub cap if required and lower the jack until the vehicle is on the ground.

That’s all there is to it! As I said, we can check your tyre and even show you how to jack up your car during your booking with Zeds Auto – Tamworth. 

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